Ford’s 200 cubic inch inline-four wasn’t a powerhouse, but its calling card is torque. The little engine makes wonderful noises and pulls smartly from just about any speed and in any gear. It starts easily with just a few turns of the starter and you have control over the ignition timing and idle speed from behind the wheel, so it’s easy to fine-tune on the fly. It still uses a correct distributor with flat copper spark leads, and that interesting exhaust manifold is an aftermarket accessory designed to supply heat to the interior like a radiator (there’s a little access window on the firewall to let the heat in). Four-wheel brakes are mechanical, but don’t let anyone tell you that you need to “upgrade” to hydraulics, because they work just fine in the lightweight A. And the original 19-inch welded wire wheels have been adorned with correctly-sized 4.75-5.00×19 wide whitewalls that add an upscale touch.

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Location: Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States