The engine and chassis number on this truck, according to the spec sheets, show it was built in June of 1930. That’s the month Henry Ford switched the Closed Cab Pickups from 1929 to 1930. So this truck is registered as a 1930 with a 1929 cab. The rear cab corners have been lengthened three and a half inch’s and the front of the box has been shortened. Tinted glass. Original 4 cyl with a high compression head, 12 volt alternator and Pertronix electronic ignition. New timing gears, aluminum cam gear and a steel crank gear. 5 speed manual transmission with open driveshaft. Four Bar front end.Converted to hydraulic brakes with disc all the way around. Rear turn signals. Runs great, stops great. The paint I’m guessing is about 5 years old with a few small chips. The Moon Eyes decals are just magnets, they’ll pull right off if your not into that.

Location: Newfield, New York, United States

See listing: 1930 Ford Model A Closed Cab Pick up (from May 17, 2016)