Collectable Running 1926 International Harvester S-24.  Amazing condition for a 90 year old truck This truck has a #4 brass carb. The motor runs great and the transmission runs through the gears with ease. It is a 6 volt system, starter works or hand crank.  The fenders have the normal bruises from time and a few spots that were welded in the day, some miner surface rust on the undersides of the fenders and running boards. The White Oak Stake side bed is about 10 years old, still in excellent condition, needs to be resurfaced.  The glass is good, just the doors have the regulators removed and the glass is in a wood trim with a leather strap to raise and lower the windows.  I have two ford regulators and 1930’s IHC handles that can be installed. There is a tear on the main seat. The door latches and handles are original. The headlights on the cowl still have the guide ray lenses. There is a wing nut missing that holds the windshield open. The steel wheels are solid with new rubber. Included is a speedometer and amp gauge (Speedo needs new glass, original Speedo but not from this truck). The ignition switch needs to be rebuilt, the key doesn’t go back in, and there is a secondary pull switch.  The brakes are good, the emergency brake works. The distributor cap, rotor, plugs and points are all good, original wires, distributor moves freely and the spark retarder is free. The radiator is solid and does not leak. The oil is new and the oil pan is solid and rust free. Starter works well. The gas tank is solid and clean. The steering is solid. The suspension is good and the frame is solid. The frame was repainted black over 10 years ago.  The original Lycoming engine that starts immediately and purrs like a kitten, the main bearings were redone by a machine shop. I do not have the original S-24 identification plate, just the engine plate; I have had new plates made for display. This truck is registered in the province of Ontario Canada. I have a speedometer and amp gauge for the dash (they were missing when I purchased this truck).

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada